The era of "Exclusive Blend": Unleashing Creativity in Perfumery

If you've been following our journey since 2020, you've undoubtedly come across the renowned brand, Jousset Parfums Exclusive Blend. This label has become synonymous with the release of extraordinary fragrances, offering our talented perfumer, Jimmy Bodin, the freedom to explore his creativity like never before.

For those familiar with Jimmy's work, it's no secret that he has a penchant for bold and distinctive scents. Some might even describe them as delightfully unconventional. With the birth of the Exclusive Blend brand, we entered a new Artisanal Era, where we could fully express ourselves in the realm of perfumery – like children given free rein on a playground. Our intention was to captivate the hearts of perfume enthusiasts, particularly those with a penchant for collecting.

Introducing Exclusive Blend S.I.C.K.:

The S.I.C.K. version was all about unlimited possibilities in both bottle design and fragrance selection. Each bottle was meticulously hand-painted and crafted by us. It was crucial for us to infuse our personal touch not only in the scent but also in the aesthetics of the bottle itself. Within this collection, we unveiled two extraordinary fragrances: Le Gantier D'Iran and Lèche Flamme. However, a word of caution – these fragrances are intensely potent.

Introducing Exclusive Blend R.A.W.:

In the R.A.W. version, our focus was on sourcing rare and limited ingredients, making these fragrances more precious and exclusive. We took pleasure in releasing limited-edition scents that could only be created using our carefully selected resources. For instance, imagine the challenge of producing just 20 bottles of a particular oud. Yet, even with these constraints, we couldn't resist adding our personal touch to the bottles' exteriors. Hence, every design within this collection was meticulously handmade. Notable fragrances in this range included Oud Therapy (Hashish), Oud Submariner, Oud Submariner 2021, Oud Licorce, Le Dernier Sultan, Fer à Cheval, Griffe de Crocodile, and Peau d'Ours.

Brand Evolution: The Unleashed Apothecary

After much contemplation, we made the decision to separate the Exclusive Blend brand from Jousset Parfums and embarked on a rebranding journey as "The Unleashed Apothecary." This transition allows us to continue our work with boundless creativity and passion, pushing the boundaries of perfumery even further. Rest assured, our commitment to crafting extraordinary fragrances remains unwavering.

At The Unleashed Apothecary, we are dedicated to exploring the uncharted territories of scent, constantly striving to surprise and delight our discerning clientele. Our journey has only just begun, and we eagerly anticipate the release of many more olfactory treasures.

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