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Accident À La Vanille - Madeleine de Proust

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The owner of one of the most prestigious perfume stores whispered a few notes into our perfumers ear. Jimmy took one look at the brief and effortlessly created a fluffy, buttery madeleine perfume that encapsulates an irresistible peach marmalade and a hint of grated coconut.

This elaboration immediately reminded him of wonderful childhood memories. It was so vivid that it definitely had to be produced for our perfumers comeback in France.

After the two owners had reached an agreement, the French edition of Accident À La Vanille took shape and is now being offered in its most prestigious presentation.

Perfumer’s impression: Gourmand, Buttery, Sweet, Bready, Fruity, Irresistible

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Made in France


Top notes

Peach, Apricot

Heart notes


Base notes

Madeleine, Butter, Vanilla

Top Notes: Peach, Apricot
At the top of this fragrance, the notes of peach and apricot rise, offering a fruity and bright opening. The sweet and juicy aroma of peach blends with the velvety sweetness of apricot to remind you of summer memories and sunny days.

Heart Notes: Coconut
At the heart of this perfume, coconut takes the spotlight. This timeless scent brings an exotic and creamy touch to the composition. Its captivating fragrance conjures up tropical vacations and white sandy beaches and adds a warm and comforting dimension to the olfactory experience.

Base Notes: Madeleine, Butter, Vanilla
Finally, the base notes reveal a delightful blend of madeleine, butter, and vanilla. Inspired by childhood memories and the comforting scent of freshly baked pastries, this accord creates a warm and familiar ambiance. The scent of Proust's madeleine, combined with the richness of butter and the intoxicating sweetness of vanilla, transports you to moments of simple and authentic happiness.

Accident À La Vanille - Madeleine de Proust captures the spirit of nostalgia and reminiscence and offers an olfactory experience that evokes cherished memories and precious moments. This delicate and evocative fragrance is a celebration of the art of perfumery and its power to capture the essence of our most beautiful remembrances.

A message from our Perfumer:

" Exquisite fragrances such as ours have never been seen on the market before. They are almost edible, strong, and unique, thanks to complex and harmonious combinations.

We pride ourselves on developing fragrances creatively and with respect for the environment.

Jousset Parfums is gourmand, refined and different. We know that these adjectives also define you very well. That's why we've created Jousset Parfums just for you. "

Jimmy Bodin, Perfumer and co-founder of Jousset Parfums