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Our Commitments & Values

Quality Products

Our fragrances are meticulously crafted to offer unparalleled quality and longevity for our customers. We achieve this by utilizing premium resources and infusing higher concentrations into our perfumes than what is typically found on the market. Every step of the process is meticulously carried out by hand in our own atelier in France, where our dedication to detail and passion for our craft are paramount.

Human First

We are committed to placing humans at the forefront of our priorities. We do not base our hiring decisions on appearance, gender identity, religion, or sexual orientation. Our aim is to provide a healthy and pleasant environment for our personnel, making them feel heard, valued, understood, and recognized.

The Environment

We are aware of the impact our actions have on the environment.Thus, in recent years, we have continuously worked on improving our products. We now offer metal caps instead of plastic ones and use packaging designed to reduce waste and be recyclable.

Made in France


Recyclable Packagings

No Coloring or Preservatives

Organic Alcohol