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Delicious Black Powder

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Our new gourmand signature is no accident ! Our perfumer intentionally concocted his most delicious and indulgent scent, which evokes the sensation of biting into a fluffy, sweet snack.

Imagine the chocolate coating crunching under your teeth, releasing an explosion of cocoa powder onto your tongue. This is the kind of pleasure that makes you roll your eyes because it’s heavenly.

Perfumers impression: Gourmand, Chocolate, Powdery, Smooth, Indulgent

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Made in France


Top notes

Cocoa, Saffron, Bergamot

Heart notes

Immortelle, Vanilla, Tonka

Base notes

Suede, Cocoa, Vanilla

Top Notes: Cocoa, Saffron, Bergamot
From the very first moments, Delicious Black Powder captivates with a bold blend of cocoa, saffron, and bergamot. The cocoa accord brings dark and rich depth, while saffron adds a spicy and luxurious touch that awakens the senses with its enchanting aroma. Bergamot introduces a bright and refreshing glow that harmoniously balances the composition.

Heart Notes: Immortelle, Vanilla, Tonka Bean
At the heart of this fragrance, immortelle, vanilla, and tonka bean dance together in an intoxicating blend. Immortelle brings its warm and woody notes that will make you recall the summer sun and fields of golden flowers. Vanilla adds an enchanting sweetness, while tonka bean offers a sensual and sweet depth to create a perfect balance between pleasure and sophistication.

Base Notes: Suede, Cocoa, Vanilla
Finally, the base notes envelop your skin in a veil of velvety suede, sensual cocoa, and sweet vanilla. Suede brings a touch of luxury and sensuality that resembles the soft and silky touch of high-quality fabric. Cocoa persists, offering a delicious and addictive temptation, while vanilla provides a final touch of sweetness and comfort that leaves an unforgettable imprint.

Delicious Black Powder is a deliberate creation that was designed to capture the very essence of gourmet desire. This exquisite fragrance promises an unforgettable sensory experience: each note has been carefully selected to evoke pure pleasure and ultimate satisfaction.

A message from our Perfumer:

" Exquisite fragrances such as ours have never been seen on the market before. They are almost edible, strong, and unique, thanks to complex and harmonious combinations.

We pride ourselves on developing fragrances creatively and with respect for the environment.

Jousset Parfums is gourmand, refined and different. We know that these adjectives also define you very well. That's why we've created Jousset Parfums just for you. "

Jimmy Bodin, Perfumer and co-founder of Jousset Parfums