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Accident À La Vanille

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Whether you like it black, smoky, thick, round, delicious, creamy, or subtle, you will discover all this perfume’s facets. Accident à La Vanille is an ode to vanilla. It is a fragrance of character that highlights the most popular ingredient in perfumery.

Accident à La Vanille is an innovative blend that will make you feel as though you have never experienced vanilla before. Much more than your typical gourmand fragrance, we have "accidentally" sprinkled other ingredients onto this fragrance, each revealing their unique vanilla attributes.

Perfumer's impression: Gourmand, Smoky Vanilla, Boozy, Addictive & Rich.

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Made in France


Top notes


Heart notes

Vanilla, Sandalwood

Base notes

Vanilla, Styrax

Top Notes: Vanilla
Accident à La Vanille opens with a bold declaration of vanilla. This initial burst immediately envelops you in the sweet and rich aroma of this beloved ingredient, setting the stage for the olfactory journey ahead.

Heart Notes: Vanilla, Sandalwood
As the fragrance unfolds, the heart notes emerge and gracefully intertwine with the dominant vanilla accord. Here, vanilla maintains its prominence while being complemented by the woody warmth of sandalwood, which adds depth and complexity to the composition.

Base Notes: Vanilla, Styrax
In the final act of this olfactory symphony, the base notes reveal themselves and anchor the fragrance in a lingering embrace of vanilla. Enriched by the resinous sweetness of styrax, the vanilla accord reaches its peak, leaving a lasting impression that is both indulgent and captivating.

It is not simply a vanilla perfume; it is a multifaceted exploration of a timeless ingredient that has been reimagined with a modern twist. Whether you prefer your vanilla bold and uncompromising or nuanced and mysterious, this fragrance offers an intoxicating journey that celebrates the diverse facets of vanilla in perfumery.

A message from our Perfumer:

" Exquisite fragrances such as ours have never been seen on the market before. They are almost edible, strong, and unique, thanks to complex and harmonious combinations.

We pride ourselves on developing fragrances creatively and with respect for the environment.

Jousset Parfums is gourmand, refined and different. We know that these adjectives also define you very well. That's why we've created Jousset Parfums just for you. "

Jimmy Bodin, Perfumer and co-founder of Jousset Parfums