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La Tarte Tatin

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La Tarte Tatin (Idea by Matteo from Profumix Luxury Brands Italia) unfolds like a delectable dessert, each note contributing to a mouthwatering symphony of scent. This delicious treat was previously exclusive to Italia, now open for the world!

Perfumers impression: Fruity, Warm, Buttery, Bready

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Made in France


Top notes

Brown Sugar with Salt

Heart notes

Vanilla Beans, Red Apples & Tonka

Base notes

Delicious Caramel & Vanilla Powder

Top Notes: Brown Sugar with Salt
La Tarte Tatin begins its aromatic journey with a tantalizing burst of brown sugar with a hint of salt. This initial impression immediately conjures the image of freshly baked pastry, setting the stage for the indulgent experience to come.

Heart Notes: Vanilla Beans, Red Apples & Tonka
As the fragrance evolves, the heart notes emerge to intertwine with the sweet warmth of vanilla beans. Red apples lend a crisp, fruity dimension, while tonka bean adds a comforting richness. Together, they create a harmonious blend that captures the essence of a perfectly baked tarte tatin, evoking memories of cozy kitchen gatherings and decadent desserts.

Base Notes: Delicious Caramel & Vanilla Powder
In the final act, the base notes anchor the fragrance with irresistible indulgence. The luscious sweetness of caramel melds with the comforting familiarity of vanilla powder, creating a sumptuous and lingering finish that envelops the wearer in a comforting embrace.

La Tarte Tatin is more than just a perfume; it's a sensorial journey that celebrates the rich tapestry of flavors found in this beloved dessert. Whether you're drawn to its sweet and comforting allure or intrigued by its gourmand complexity, this fragrance invites you to savor every moment of its deliciously aromatic composition.

A message from our Perfumer:

" Exquisite fragrances such as ours have never been seen on the market before. They are almost edible, strong, and unique, thanks to complex and harmonious combinations.

We pride ourselves on developing fragrances creatively and with respect for the environment.

Jousset Parfums is gourmand, refined and different. We know that these adjectives also define you very well. That's why we've created Jousset Parfums just for you. "

Jimmy Bodin, Perfumer and co-founder of Jousset Parfums