Jousset Parfums is the most versatile gourmand perfume house. A unique world dedicated to innovation, creativity, powerful sillage, and outstanding longevity.

Artisanal and handmade, our extrait de parfum is taken to a new level: from 28.5% to 33.5% perfume concentration.Each fragrance was studied to unleash its maximum potential for you to enjoy the best gourmand perfumes.

Founded in 2020 by Melis Bodin and our in-house French perfumer Jimmy Bodin, Jousset Parfums is naturally a matter of luxurious, refined and gourmand arguments.

Jousset Parfums has just moved its production to France into its brand-new independent atelier. We have found the perfect place to develop and produce our exceptional gourmand fragrances.

  • Almond Cake

    Your favorite vanilla fragrance with an indulgent twist of almonds on top of a crunchy biscuit; it’s impossible to resist.

  • Crème de la Berry

    Luckyscent exclusive version, a whimsical touch of childhood delight that you can wear all day long.

  • Madeleine de Proust

    A fluffy, buttery madeleine perfume, stuffed with irresistible peach marmalade and a hint of grated coconut.

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No price changes since the opening. The price of your Jousset is guaranteed, regardless of the demand, the price increase of the raw materials, or our packaging updates!


We have developed and upgraded our packaging just for you. We always invest in improving your Jousset perfume. Discover the unique experience of a delicious fragrance even before the first spray.


Double, triple, and even quadruple strength: the perfume concentration in your Jousset bottle compared to the rest of the market. Longevity is our signature; you don’t need to overspray. Twice is enough!


Free samples are included in your Jousset order whenever they are available!