The brand with the

" Jousset Parfums firmly represent
uniqueness and diversity.

They combine professionalism with proximity and fairness with reliability.

In constant movement and predisposed for liberty, they proudly endorse the parrot as a combination of high values."


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Inspired by the greedy and picky standard of perfume enthusiasts

Jousset Parfums is the rising artisanal/niche perfume
brand of 2020.

Our colorful world is made of innovation, creativity,
sillage & mind-blowing longevity.

Handmade from A to Z, « Extrait de parfum » is taken to a new level: from 28,5 to 33,5% perfume
concentration, each fragrance was studied to unleash their maximum potential.

Established and produced in
Switzerland, owned by Melis, a Turkish expert in business management and
the in-house French perfumer, Jimmy.

The brand is naturally a matter of
luxurious, refined & oriental arguments.


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