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Jousset Parfums


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Immerse yourself in an unprecedented olfactory journey

Jousset Parfums is an incredibly versatile gourmand perfume house that presents a unique world dedicated to innovation, creativity, powerful sillage, and outstanding longevity.

Our artisanal and handmade extrait de parfum takes scent to a new level : our perfume concentrations range from 28.5% to 33.5%. Each fragrance has been studied to unleash its maximum potential for so you to may enjoy the best gourmand perfumes.

Our Story


No prices have changed since our opening. The price of your Jousset is guaranteed regardless of the demand, the price increase of the raw materials, or our packaging updates !


We have developed and upgraded our packaging just for you because we are always invested in improving your Jousset perfume. Discover the unique experience of a delicious fragrance even before the first spray.


The perfume concentration
in your Jousset bottle in comparison to the rest of
the market is double, triple, and even quadruple strength. Longevity is our signature; you don’t need to overspray. Twice is enough !


Free samples are included in your Jousset order whenever they are available!

Come meet us in our first official boutique !

Come to visit us in our brand-new official boutique in the heart of Rennes in Brittany, France.

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