Qahua Bunga: A Paradise for Coffee Lovers

In 2021, the Qahua Bunga range was introduced under the Jousset Parfums Exclusive Blend brand, captivating coffee enthusiasts with its exquisite collection.

Why Qahua Bunga?

What made the Qahua Bunga collection truly special was not only its handmade bottles but also the unique fragrances and ingredients. In these collections, we had no limits and aimed to impress you from the design to the essence within. The creamy, light brown bottle with delicate gold accents, adorned with a line of coffee beans, perfectly represents the coffee infusion contained within each bottle.

Following the rebranding of the Exclusive Blend brand to The Unleashed Apothecary, production of this collection ceased with subsequent changes. However, it hasn't completely vanished. The best-selling Qahua Bunga 1 has been incorporated into the Blanche collection and has become an indispensable part of Jousset Parfums.

Qahua Bunga 1:

Combining fruity tobacco, a rich Shisha ambiance, and traditional Moroccan Mint Tea, this fragrance is the epitome of Oriental Gourmand.

Top Note: Organic Coffee, Coffee Accord Heart Note: Hookah (Fruity Tobacco, Kiwi, Melon) Base Note: Nanah (Traditional Moroccan Mint Tea)

Qahua Bunga 2:

This dark fragrance brings together the world of perfumery and the ecstasy of organic oud. Coffee and Oud entwine, creating a sweet, delicious, and slightly spicy opening with hints of almond, rose, and cinnamon reminiscent of the traditional Algerian dessert, Taminet Ellouz.

Top Note: Organic Almond (Morocco), Rose de Mai Absolute (France) Heart Note: Organic Cinnamon (Sri Lanka), Organic Coffee (Italy) Base Note: Cultivated Agarwood (Vietnam)

Qahua Bunga 3:

Imagine savoring strong black coffee accompanied by a dark chocolate muffin in a beautiful garden filled with white flowers. Whether it's a comforting and delightful break alone with a good book or engaging in pleasant conversations with friends, Qahua Bunga 3 captures the essence of those moments. Spray it on and transport yourself to your desired destination!

Top Notes: Cherry, Jasmine Sambac Absolute (India), Jasmine Accord, Freesia Heart Notes: Chocolate Muffin Base Notes: Organic Coffee (Italy)

Qahua Bunga has truly left its mark on the world of fragrances, offering a sensory journey for coffee lovers and those seeking unique olfactory experiences. Although the collection may have transformed, its spirit lives on, delighting perfume enthusiasts with its unforgettable scents.

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