Jimmy Bodin isn't only the Co-Founder of Jousset Parfums...

He is also the brilliant nose behind the brand. Originally from France his passion goes way back into his childhood:

« I come from a very modest background, but my mother always loved luxury, and luxurious perfume above all. Since young I’ve learned from her that you can’t put a price on something you love. 

She passed away and gave me that dedication for beautiful scents. Therefore, we have decided to give her name «Jousset» to the brand.

On the other hand, my father taught me that I must work to get the things I want, and I saw him bringing food from a work he did by its own hands. 

Together they gave me 2 important lessons: « Try and you will see, be daring and patient » and « if you don’t find what you want, do it on your own » 

While I felt in love with an oriental perfume few years ago, I knew I couldn’t afford a second bottle. I’ve learned to detect the ingredients and here my quest into perfumery begins.

Today I am elaborating scents that I couldn’t find in the market, even after an olfactory world tour. Powerful sillage and longevity can be manipulated with conscientious work, qualitative ingredients and a smart concoction, so my mission is just to fulfill those simple needs! »

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I believe I found the best house in the world!
Can’t wait til the LES DÉLICES DE JOUSSET is released. I need to smell EVERYTHING!

Ariel Kynard

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