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It is in 2020 that everything begins. Jimmy Bodin, a self-taught French perfumer, creates Jousset Parfums with his partner, Melis. They live in Switzerland, and the production is carried out in small quantities, as a passion, to share with their loved ones and a few customers. Quickly, the brand experiences success. With ultra-gourmand scents, the brand becomes a worldwide reference in terms of sweet perfumery. The secret to such success? A combination of ingredients from all corners of the world, of high quality, as well as a powerful trail and exceptional longevity. Highly concentrated, the fragrances bring together in one bottle everything perfume enthusiasts seek in a product.


Jimmy Bodin is a self-taught French perfumer. Active since 2020, he owes his love for perfumes to his mother, hence the name Jousset - which was hers. Constantly enjoying manipulating elements, he is a devotee of gourmand and raw ingredients to create an olfactory complexity that is out of the ordinary. In addition to Jousset Parfums, he owns several brands, all handmade and created by himself: Jimmy Bodin Parfums and The Unleashed Apothecary.

Long-lasting perfumes, with a high concentration, powerful trail and quality ingredients.

Perfumes never seen on the market : almost edible, strong and unique thanks to complex and harmonious combinations.

Handmade in France in our own workshop. We guarantee the quality and attention to detail of our products.

The beginning

March 21st, 2020

The brand begins in 2020 in Switzerland. Production is done in small quantities. Initially aiming to reproduce fragrances, Jimmy Bodin becomes passionate about fragrance creation.

The modification

January 2021

We are changing the design of our bottles and opting for a sleeker, more sober, and chic design.

New releases

March 17th, 2021

Creation of the unique and renowned 'Accident à la Vanille', followed by the 'Collection Noire'.

Turning point

March 1st, 2023

Creation of the company ATELIMAP, specializing in the creation and packaging of fragrances, to which Jousset Parfums is attached. Relocation from Switzerland to France, the perfumer's country of origin.

The first store

December 14th, 2023

Opening of the very first official Jousset Parfums boutique in Rennes, the hometown of Jimmy Bodin, in the heart of Brittany, France.

Global presence

March 2024

The brand is present in 60 boutiques and 12 countries worldwide.


Quality Products

Our products are carefully crafted to be the most high-performing in the market. With a longevity of several days, a high perfume concentration of 30%, surpassing market standards, and using high-quality ingredients, everything is hand-assembled in our own workshop in France, where every detail matters.

Human First

We are committed to placing humans at the center of our priorities. We do not recruit our employees based on their appearance, gender identity, religion or sexual orientation. We ensure to provide a healthy and pleasant environment for our personnel where they feel listened to, valued, understood, and recognized.

The Environment

We consider the environment in our actions. Thus, in recent years, we have continuously worked on improving our products. We now offering metal caps instead of plastic ones, packaging with reduced waste, and ensuring that our packaging is also recyclable.

Made in France


Recyclable packagings

No coloring or preservatives

Organic alcohol