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Jousset Parfums

Qahua Bunga

Qahua Bunga

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Qahua Bunga 1 has just joined La Collection Blanche!

This is a creamy scent of light brown coffee with fruity tobacco, thick hookah smoke, and traditional Moroccan mint tea. It’s the most sought-after scent of our latest collection, named Qahua Bunga. Here it is, and like its longevity, this concoction won’t go away!

Top Note: Organic Coffee, Coffee Accord
Heart Note: Hookah (Fruity Tobacco, Kiwi, Melon)
Base Note: Nanah (Traditional Moroccan Mint Tea)

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The creation of legendary gourmand fragrances since 2020 represents the inception of a symbiosis between luxury and decadence.

Two sprays are enough to create a rift between reality and your desires.

Our essences are designed to be the most long lasting. Finally, you can savor the real meaning of “the best ingredients.”

Gifted with unique potency our realistic edible perfumes offer a multi-dimensional sillage.