Exclusive Blend - Bloody Ferocity

Exclusive Blend - Bloody Ferocity


A confidential experience of a dark natural musk, opening with hibiscus for a flowery debut. Ambrette & Galbanum will excite your olfactory senses and prepare your mood for an animalic and strong finish of natural Mongolian Musk.

"This Mongolian Musk was sourced few years ago in Turkey but unfortunately, I couldn't get more of it from the same batch. I thought it would be better to use it in high quantity for this powerful fragrance, rather to dilute it for a bigger batch. The coming scene here is a little bit crude but I wanted to reproduce what I had in mind when smelling this natural Musk: A dark perfume representing bloody ferocity. Animals naturally forced to fight to eat and feed their clan. A shocking scene in despite of a velvety background, where red flowers are queens."

This Exclusive blend has a restricted availability of 3 pieces only. Our perfumer couldn't produce it in higher batch due to the rarity of the raw material. This product contain animal ingredient legally obtained from an ethical Asian breeding

Top Notes: Hibiscus
Heart Notes: Ambrette, Galbanum
Base Notes: Mongolian Musk