Exclusive Blend - Trat Treat

Exclusive Blend - Trat Treat


Gourmand composition for a 50 years old wild Trat Agarwood, how daring is that?

It opens like a creamy nougat de Montélimar immediately submerged by fresh & sweet strawberries. A very smooth experience until the Trat Treat shows his Oud facette.

The symphony take an unexpected turn when you detect the most precious wood scent evaporating from your skin. Dramatically deep, it’s a unique experience when the gourmand vibe move behind that precious Trat Oud.

The strawberry disappears and let shine a bouquet of darker red berries.

« Once I’ve smelled that raw material I immediately had a projection of what it would smell in a finished perfume. This dry & woody organic agarwood had a red fruit smell in the background and I knew it would end as a gourmand. Extremely challenging mission, but by far successful one. »

Top Note: Nougat
Heart Notes: Vanilla, Strawberry
Base Notes: Oud Trat « Red Berry » (Wild Agarwood)

Trat Treat was available in 41 units and divided in 3 editions.

1st edition of 23 units with reguar cap is still available

2nd edition - « Black Stone » was available in 9 units. The precious bottle own a handcrafted black stone lid made of resin. At this date, only 2 remains available.

3rd edition - « Creative » was available in 9 units. The handcrafted stone lid comes in a more creative way and each of those 9 pieces are unique artwork made by hand. They are actually all sold out.