Exclusive Blend - Café Croquant

Exclusive Blend - Café Croquant


A confidential experience of a gourmand and crunchy coffee, opening with cinnamon and milk for a warm and sweet beginning. Coffee and spicy pumpkin pie will excite your olfactory senses and prepare your mood for an exciting and unbelivable finish of roasted oat.

"Oat is a very difficult scent to blend as it's often empowering over the other notes, thus it gives an amazing warm and edible sensation to the realistic spicy pumpkin. You'll feel like at the end of the day in a huge mall full of sparkling lights in winter time, taking a break before going back to your hotel. You'll enjoy this unique moment with a latte macchiatto and a pumpkin pie, with hundreds of warming and spicy scents from all these craftsmen kiosk."

This Exclusive blend has a restricted availability of 1 piece only. Our perfumer wanted this elaboration to be the gourmand signature of the brand before launching the best seller Gourmand Bakhoor.

Top Notes: Cinnamon, Milk
Heart Notes: Coffee, Spicy Pumpkin Pie
Base Notes: Roasted Oat