Updated: Apr 30


After its success at the launch of the first collection (Les Collections Artisanales) the challenge of changing the name was a big one, but since we renamed it, you like it even more, and that's not so strange.

Admittedly, it was risky for us to shake you up with a name change for one of our most important perfume extracts in the collection.

However, nothing was more necessary to ensure a deep transparency, to join our core values and to give more cachet to over 6 fragrances in one go!

Let's explain in a few points the reasons for this change and what it entails.


After a few months on the market, we took the decision to change our bottles, so you will now find your range of powerful perfume extracts under the name of La Collection Blanche. It was no secret that a sumptuous collection with black bottles was about to be born.

It was therefore necessary to adapt Strange Black Oud to this exciting project. The word "Black" and the black bottle were to be reserved for this new drop from us.

Although the attractive matte black bottle was pleasing to many collectors, we kept that mystical energy with a black label for our new baby.


What more sensitive subject than oud in your fragrance? The blend of precious woods in their natural and synthetic form in Strange Black Oud was not the focus of the fragrance.

With a clear brief, we relied on the talent of our perfumer to deliver an agarwood fragrance with a western twist. An olfactory success that charms all owners of the sumptuous extract.

We didn't know that we would attract all oud lovers with our homemade perfumes. In order to surprise and to show our craftsmanship, we have responded to the major demand. For this reason, "Oud" also had to be removed from the label.

So we exploded expectations by releasing "Oud Submariner" with 94.67% organic oud in the composition, the phenomenal "Trat Treat" with an extremely rare 50 year old Oud, "Oud Hashish" which is a revolution in the field of olfactory experience and the newcomer of La Collection Noir "Oud Précieux Du Bengale" whose composition revolves almost exclusively around the most characterful oud woods.