It's no surprise that Oud Submariner is one of the most oud-filled perfumes in the history of perfumery. Exclusive Blend R.A.W is made for that purpose. But what is the difference with the new Oud Submariner 2021 version and when will it be released?

Oud Submariner is 94.67% organic oud in one fragrance and with a figure like that, we're not afraid to show you the numbers! I'm a colourful parrot but the brand is quite transparent!

We'll let you do your own research on the average amount of oud wood in other brands - all types (ultra-niche, artisanal, niche, etc.) - because we don't want to get spotted by the "oud Interpol", henchmen who scour the internet to warn the oud mafia.

However, the perfume extract does not smell like attar, our perfumer has balanced this perfume to perfection.

This is also the first official release of the "Exclusive Blend - Les expériences confidentielles" printed bottles lined up in a circle, capturing a stylized parrot. These 50ml transparent bottles proudly display a brass plate on the side, their ABS caps were dipped - by hand - in a shiny black and gold marbled resin.

As for the composition, you could treat yourself to a blend of Burmese oud, Suyufi oud and seaweed, for a woody/iodic ambiance without any aquatic notes! An olfactory masterpiece and an original composition.


The new bottles for Oud Submariner 2021 will be the same ones we used for Trat Treat.

Although they are smaller (30ml) their thick glass gives a solid look and we find that these bottles are suitable for all our Exclusive Blend R.A.W. fragrances. Therefore, Oud Hashish will be similar.

A new label, a brass plate that will cover the entire front of the bottle, will include the logo mentioned above as well as the words Oud Submariner 2021

As for the cap... we want to surprise you : )


The 2021 version of Oud Submariner will feature a larger dose of Burmese oud from 2 different productions. This small detail changes the overall feel of Oud Submariner and reinforces the iodine note naturally, without the addition of seaweed this time.