Some of you may already know or own our vintage bottles and indeed, after a first launch of multi-coloured bottles - to the rhythm of our fragrances - our design has improved.

The main objective was to show a multitude of colours, each one related to our perfumer's brief:

Merveilleux Voyage is a brilliant sky blue to remind you of the crystal clear sea reflecting a beautifully open sky. For those who weren't lucky enough to have smelled it - as it's no longer in production - it was a unisex fragrance that was a hit with everyone. Merveilleux Voyage was a victim of its own success within a few months.

Pink Saffron is made of a warm and sensual fuchsia-like blend of oud wood and rose, this deep almost carmine pink reflects the power of saffron specially selected for an outstanding sillage and longevity.

Merveilleux Jardin is pink and daring, as in the most beautiful flower gardens where what seems the most delicate, often contains the most surprising olfactory treasures! Merveilleux Jardin is no longer part of the current collection, however this gem is still available here.

Green Woods represents the green and freshness of a fragrant forest. Although the violet flower is present, the green perfectly symbolises our freshest fragrance. Still available in a few shops, you can still get it here.

Ramdan Night is a brown that reflects the warmth of the sand in the hottest countries and the date, the key ingredient in this highly prized oud fragrance. A dry woody as one rarely finds.

Gourmand Bakhoor is orange but not just any orange. Orange like a caramel mixed with condensed milk. This bottle has become famous and it is in this dress that our best seller has become known.

Strange Black Oud, black as night, black as leather and its hypnotic effect. A balsamic fragrance with an out-of-this-world bergamot. It's not for nothing that we renamed it Hypnotic Leather. You can read more about it here.


Because we care about how you feel, we decided to reinvest all of our profits within 2 months on the market. The result of hard work for your eyes only: a refined bottle, unchanged recipes

A shiny white bottle, a golden cap and still the colours that inspired us. Even though Merveilleux Jardin, Merveilleux Voyage and Green Woods have been removed from the collection, our labels remain true to our inspiration.