Merveilleux Voyage stands for the delightful synthesis of delicate white flowers with passionately selected exotic fruits.


An invigorating and seductive fragrance to perfectly made to rediscover the day-to-day living.


With rich raw materials such as amber and musk, Merveilleux Jardin redefines the sweet fragrance.


The harmonious balance of spices and fruits ensures a pleasant feeling of well-being and unconditional love.

The sweetness from childhood becomes the delicacies of today. The creamy and smoky scents form the character of Gourmand Bakhoor.


A soothing, warm fragrance for unforgettable lively moments.


An impressive composition of warm and spicy notes mixed with subtle sweet ingredients and precious woods.

Ramdan Night is an exciting and captivating ritual that becomes an essential guide for liberating moments from a tale of 1001 Nights.

The fragrance composition of Pink Saffron is as extraordinary as it is extravagant.

The combination of warm, spicy and woody notes, with a slightly floral accent, seduces the sense of smell on an impressive discovery journey.

The selection for self-confident characters who are constantly searching for the extraordinary.

Green Woods exceeds these demands with a daring but perfect combination of woody and powdery notes.


An exclusive fragrance composition created by using only rare and precious raw materials, such as leather and oud.


With mysterious and seductive notes, Strange Black Oud sets a new standard for all who appreciate high quality perfumes.